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“It is all about critical questioning of what identity really is. Would you be the same person in another context? Does society have certain expectations on you based on traditional parameters like class, gender, color, sexual orientation, religious beliefs and so on? And how much do these expectations affect your so-called self? Every forward thinking person are aware of those things, its a gift which  also make you relate to other peoples struggles.”

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Alexander's Multiple Personas

Stockholm based actor Alexander Salzberger is most definitely a 2FACED1, we came to understand that he currently is practesing the art of dressing down but can’t really deny his hipster love. But the trip to the theaters started as a little hood rascal.

No, we’re lying. Sorry. Alexander Salzberger is not a 2faced mutha, he’s actually more likely suffering from a multiple personality disorder if we're going down that lane. I’m referring to him as an actor and comédie, a young man whose official breakthrough came after a cocky drop out of Stockholm Academy Of Dramatic Arts and then creating an one-man-show at Södra Teatern in Stockholm in 2007, “Måsarna skrattar sig hesa”. In this case one-man-show means loads of characters, some of a kind that never had entered the Swedish theatre scene before, and certainly not in the same play. Alex portrayed hilarious individuals out of our contemporary context with the razor sharp precision of a man that has entered many different worlds despite a young age.

“Most Actors tend to look straight up shabby - and they totally get away with it!”

Childhood started off in maybe-too-small-to-call-town-town: Åmål, yes that Fucking Åmal, but as a nine year old Alexander moved with single Swedish mother to Stockholm suburb Vällingby where he got a jewish Salzberger added to his identity via a step-father. But the kids in the hoods,


Shades - Anon Optics
Shirt - Perry Ellis Vintage
Dog Tag James Brown Mugshoot - Kiss My Neck
Suit Jacket - Carin Wester
Chinos - Ralph Lauren Vintage
Red Shirt - Regency Club
Scarf - Mads Norgaard
Boots - Dr Martens


What Alexander want to be considered as:

Despite the fact that he, clothing wise, totally miscalculated the first day of school, the adaptive Young Salzie took his first babysteps into an acting career and heading for Alexander describes his current context:

"The Swedish theatre scene is actually really non-fashionable and non-glamorous, there is definitely a less positive view on fashion, the so called “natural” – non-styled look is stringly dominating, and I would say some actors tend to look straight up shabby - and get away with it!  Probably a reaction of the never ending hunt for realness…"

ironically, referred to Alex as “that maroccan” - thank's to the never-present Moroccan father...

Not home, neither amongst friends did Alexander have the possibility to pick up that real necessary knowledge you need to even spark a thought on a future in high culture surroundings. We're talking essential codes... cultural capital...

“It’s the fear is something of the opposite, too obvious, looking anxious and soulless, adapting too much from everywhere, too fast, like you don’t really have a clue but still are trying hard to. ”

Well, Alexander Salzberger, 16 years old, happened to get a minor part in a movie when director Daniel Fridell scouted for real live characters in the suburbs. By a whim he applied for acting school after highschool and made it through. The world as this 16 year old knew it, was divided into two: Down Town vs Suburbs, rich kid vs suburbia kid, with no more variables on the scale.

So Down Town was where he‘d be strolling at, bratified was the style to go. Before our young Alexander arrived to his new classroom dressed up in his borrowed Down Town uniform; Canada Goose vest -something you actually could get robbed off during this time- and a pink shirt, he never really thought about the Art of Dressing Down and certainly not wearing Keffiyeh Scarfs to class for any so called conscious reasons. What you don't know is that Alexander went through a period as an extreme Indie Pop kid, imagine the biggest Broder Daniel-fan you can think of, really hardcore in style, black kajal pen and stars

Cap - The Hundreads
Jacket - April 77
Necklace - Versace
T-shirt - Comme Des Garcon
Shades - Cazal
Pants - April 77
Kicks - Nike Teminator Hi Supreme QK by Swagger


What Alexander fears to be considered as:

Alexander Salzberger says he wish Swedish people in general would dare more, exactly like his second character does, but it’s a thin line…

”I want to be highly deliberate but not look like it... I’m fearing something of the opposite, too obvious, looking anxious and soulless, adapting too much from everywhere, too fast, like you don’t really have a clue... If I would step up like my second character of co-ordinated style among actors, people would seriously think something was wrong. This other perspective comes from me being a DJ with a soul club running. Image in the music biz is totally different, and these two worlds both infect my identity. I'm all this but still the kid from the suburbs, hope I’m allowed to be ALL that!”

due to the fact he was not looking as Swedish and middle class as the random BD-fan!

– When people really can’t judge by the cover it’s positive, I want to mess with their brains, but sometimes you mess with your own head; I was visiting Malmoe and stopped by the HiFi-store Bang Olufsen to check out some exclusive headphones I’d read about. This certain day I felt particularly fly, I had a smooth vintage selection of clothing with a very tight fit, the look of modest matching, but really deliberate from my point of view. Stepping into the store it suddenly came over me; these people will not understand my


style. They might think I'm a newly arrived refugee wearing inherited clothes with no money to spend, I'm thinking this while I'm hearing I’ll take them coming out of my mouth in a extremely snobby Stockholm accent. A stupid idea rising from nowhere had me actually buy that pair of shit expensive headphones just because I  saw myself through other peoples eyes…thinking I knew what they were thinking! 

Now you understand the divided persona of Alexander Salzberger slightly better, but who is our next 2FACED1 and what issues will they have to dwell on?!


Fri 27 Dec 2013 3:40 PM
Alexander Salzberger is quite the character and his unique looks are well known in Sweden. I first got to know him through the Swedish TV series known as Beck, back in 2006. Already at that time his character definitely did not lack personality! Another of his great achievements is the TV show "The Inspector and the Sea" or "Der Kommissar und das Meer". Much respect goes to this hipster man! <3
Sun 11 Oct 2009 6:19 PM
hahaa! borrowed pink shirt!
Sat 3 Oct 2009 7:40 PM
Älskade "Måsarna skrattar sig hesa"!