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It's Madonna Week: Madonna on Basquiat

Post date Wed 5 May 2010 11:02 AM

PHOTOS: Steve Torton

Looks like this week going to be a Madonna one. Didn't plan to but she came up on this superlong facebook discussion that was following the GRACE on GAGA post, and I guess I felt like paying dues before she's gone, I mean, we didn't expect it to happen to MJ so we never know... But still I think Madonna love life to f*in much, I wouldn't be suprised if she outlived many of us, in fact, science move towards cloning and neverending life and I'll bet Madonna would be one of the first on it!

In  Interview Madonna was speaking about the start of her career and the early 80's in NYC, people like KENNY SCHARF and Basquiat, and I realized I never posted the amazing photos of them as a couple.

In 1996, Madonna wrote a short essay on Basquiat for The Guardian prior to a show of his work at London's Serpentine Gallery.

"He was one of the few people I was truly envious of" . "But he didn't know how good he was and he was plagued with insecurities. He used to say he was jealous of me because music is more accessible and it reached more people. He loathed the idea that art was appreciated by an elite group. When I heard that Jean-Michel had died, I was not surprised. He was too fragile for this world."

Great article including the Madonna & Basquiat months: Barry Didcock "Morton fails to find the face of Madonna".

Thu 6 May 2010 10:35 PM
I know.
Thu 6 May 2010 12:10 PM
så fint att det gör ont!