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"2FACED1 is a visionary digital network,  a loose collective with members in Europe, Africa and North America, bound together by what we call ‘stereotypophobia’."



“It is all about critical questioning of what identity really is. Would you be the same person in another context? Does society have certain expectations on you based on traditional parameters like class, gender, color, sexual orientation, religious beliefs and so on? And how much do these expectations affect your so-called self? Every forward thinking person are aware of those things, its a gift which  also make you relate to other peoples struggles.”

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2FACED1 is a state of mind, 2FACED1.com is a display-window for this mindset and the network of 2FACED1 includes all of you progressive non-stereotypes with a double perspective on identity .



Decida -  Founder, Creative Director, Director (Stockholm)
Oscar Stenberg - Web, Photography (Stockholm) 
Linn Marcusson - Writer, Style Assistant (Gypsie's Mega Trip) (Stockholm) 
Spoek Mathambo - (the Zombo Blog) (Johannesburg)
Mira Bajagic - Event / Production (London)
Pernilla Philip -  Design (Amsterdam)


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What is the need for 2FACED1 in 2015?

Post date Mon 5 Jan 2015 3:21 PM

The future, a sum up of the group discussion Stockholm Dec 15 th 2014

- To meet IRL

 The intimacy in just seeing each other, meeting and sharing experiences is very welcome and needed. One of the key desires were to organize more physical events together on a regular basis: be it workshops, clubs, lectures or just get-togethers to talk, eat or hang out.

- Keep our stereotypophobia intact

Set identities cursors like class, gender, color, sexual orientation, are needed to discover injustice, but to use these categories without reproducing them require a broad knowledge of stereotypes. Since nobody can know them all - see all perspectives, its a collective work to be done. How to gather strength to keep discourage these identities not chosen by oneself, and prevent to grow too attached to them, but still be aware of them to be able to work against them?

- A "Bank of Knowledge”

2FACED1 can be a great source of gaining additional perspectives. The 2FACED1’s are united by a similar mindset when it comes to handling identity as something fluent, but as mentioned before we are all very different as individuals. How to form a bank of knowledge and experiences, which can help in a number of situations?

- Fighting each other’s battles

When one identified by others, as part of a certain group, the person is often expected to represent that group (i.e. women talk about women’s rights and feminism) which in many cases can be legitimate, and even necessary. But at other times, there is stamina in fighting for an issue that is not “yours”. You can be less personally attached and affected, which can be helpful to your argumentation and courage. Also (since we are only human after all…) many of us have a limit where we are simply tired of discussing, or not up for being the “annoying” person who comes with objections. In these moments there is a comfort and security in knowing that there can be other members of the 2FACED1-community stepping in.

- A community without losing individuality

As it is for many people these days, a lot of the 2FACED1’s who attended the workshop are people who work independently - with their own businesses, arts or have their own personal brands - where the lines between work and personal life are not always clear. They lack the community a job in a more traditional sense would entail (such as an office, a boss, colleagues, fixed lunch hours etc.).

For others in a more traditional context, the 2FACED1-community can offer something else - a place for discussions and topics that you perhaps do not meet in that job-aspect of your life.

Whatever purpose it may serve, there is a certain strength in a community/collective, that many miss having. At the same time, there are also some of us who tend to shy away from contexts of community from the fear of losing one’s individuality or uniqueness. Or just feel uneasy towards being labeled and bunched together in a group with others. With 2FACED1, we are all still individuals.

- To do what we do best

Despite being different, having distinct strengths and weaknesses, the 2FACED1 mindset can be applied to whatever it is one do, in any context. 2FACED1 can be a sounding board to explore ways to stay conscious of, or apply this mindset to what one do, both as professionals and in personal life. The most important thing is to continue to do the things we do best, and what suits us as individuals.

Everyone have different ways of communicating, some are verbal while others express themselves better in other ways. In that sense, the format for this 2FACED1-workshop was problematic in itself, but we have to start somewhere :) Which brings us to the concluding point:

- 2FACED1 is what YOU want it to be. 2FACED1 will grow organically with whatever the 2FACED1s decide to do with it. 2FACED1 is not an organization in the traditional way, it is something fluid rather than rigid. Everyone and anyone can be a 2FACED1, it is up to oneself to decide, the only rule is to keep the stereotypophobia intact.

For those of you who couldn’t attend the workshop, there will be more opportunities to meet with other 2FACED1s and make plans for the future. Anyone who is interested in contributing with arranging and planning future events are more than welcome to do so! Contact info@2faced1.com, www.facebook.com/2faced1