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"2FACED1 is a visionary digital network,  a loose collective with members in Europe, Africa and North America, bound together by what we call ‘stereotypophobia’."



“It is all about critical questioning of what identity really is. Would you be the same person in another context? Does society have certain expectations on you based on traditional parameters like class, gender, color, sexual orientation, religious beliefs and so on? And how much do these expectations affect your so-called self? Every forward thinking person are aware of those things, its a gift which  also make you relate to other peoples struggles.”

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2FACED1 is a state of mind, 2FACED1.com is a display-window for this mindset and the network of 2FACED1 includes all of you progressive non-stereotypes with a double perspective on identity .



Decida -  Founder, Creative Director, Director (Stockholm)
Oscar Stenberg - Web, Photography (Stockholm) 
Linn Marcusson - Writer, Style Assistant (Gypsie's Mega Trip) (Stockholm) 
Spoek Mathambo - (the Zombo Blog) (Johannesburg)
Alex Dabo - ( the Do The Dabo Blog) (Stockholm) 
Mira Bajagic - Event / Production (London)
Pernilla Philip -  Design (Amsterdam)


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contact: info@2faced1.com

Win two tickets to "Advanced Style" tomorrow. Thursday

Post date Wed 22 Oct 2014 8:30 PM

[SWE) I dokumentären “Advanced Style” får vi möta kvinnor som alla lever för mode och har gjort så i årtionden. Ålderspannet på dessa modeljeon som innebor New Yorks gator sträcker sig mellan 62-95 år! Genom sin eklektiska stil vägrar de låta sig styras av rådande åldersideal. En respektfull, mycket underhållande och gripande skildring av dessa unika kvinnor.

Email hi2faced1@gmail.com before 14.00 tomorrow, answering who your favorite stylosopher is!

Facebook event

NO ID - A 2FACED1 Short Film

Post date Sun 12 Oct 2014 8:23 PM

The 2FACED1 short film "NO iD" directed by Emnet Mulugeta, Choreography by Decida and dancers; Maele "Reflex Sabuni, Martha Nabwire, Yared Tilahun Cederlund, music by UoToNoGood will be shown at the San Jose International Short Film Festival tonight  in "La Grande Expėrience" tonight!

"NO iD is a two minute short dance film, exploring themes of identity. Ideas of how one view oneself, the perception by others and the sometimes disconnect of the two. A person's complex soul and self-image is seen as a multitude of layers in a physical state. 

Set against the backdrop of a lonely stretch of road in the desert, the story is told through the style of a dance battle where the protagonist end up facing themselves"

- Emnet Mulugeta


Behind the scenes (9th of January 2013)

Thanks to full crew!!!


2FACED1 & HOLD-efterfesssten Tue 23/9

Post date Mon 22 Sep 2014 1:41 PM

[SWE] När Erik Linghede (koreograf) hörde av sig till mig under upptakten till vad som skulle komma att bli dansföreställningen HOLD fanns det ingen tvekan om att jag skulle vara med och bidra där jag kunde. Dels på ett 2FACED1-plan där vi sätter våra egna världar och bestämmer över vad vi tycker är “normalt”, utan att för den skull just snacka om det. Men också på ett mycket personligt plan för att jag fascineras något enormt av hur HOLD går i motsatt rörelse mot min egen erfarenhet av att ha varit en dansare som sysslat med poppingens avhumaniserande rörelser, fast utifrån en kvinnokropp. Där min kropp redan hade laddats med särskilda värden i utgångspunkten, handlade det ofta om att neutralisera den. I Robins och Antons fall fyller de istället samma teknik med allt det där som alltid kopplats till just kvinnokroppar; känsla, mjukhet, ömhet, sex. Detta i sökandet efter det läskigaste av allt; riktig intimitet, den sorten som fortfarande, eller som snarare VERKLIGEN, existerar bortom stereotypa könsroller. HOLD rekommenderas å det starkaste till alla 2FACED1s, kan ses tis-tors på Dansens Hus och ikväll har vi releasefest på Dim Sum Room, DJ Andreas Taro Tanisawa spelar skivor.

On top of that; Markus B. Almqvists (Soul Sweat) music! I'm just saying, dancers know how music should sound!

FB event here

2FACED1 presenterar: HOLD

Post date Wed 27 Aug 2014 12:10 PM



2FACED1 presenterar: HOLD av Erik Linghede

I HOLD söker koreografen Erik Linghede tillsammans med dansarna Anton Borgström och Robin Sundberg efter närhet, intimitet och outnyttjad rörelsepotential i en miljö av tekniskt avancerade dansstilar som popping, tutting och waving. I mötet mellan den kontrollerade, näst intill avhumaniserade rörelsen, hiphopens kärna av improvisation och samspel, letar sig en sällsamt vacker dialog om intimitet fram, långt bortom normer och klichéer om det vi kallar kärlek.

Under dagen får vi se en kort version av en föreställning som går upp på Dansen Hus i höst. Civilkurage handlar om medmänsklighet och intimitet, att våga ge det plats var och när det än uppkommer.

PLATS: Raoul Wallenbergs Torg (Brevid Berns/Dramaten) kl 18.30 (sharp). FACEBOOK event här

2FACED1 är ett löst sammansatt transnationellt kollektiv baserat kring ett gemensamt tankesätt i form av stereotypofobi och synen på identitet som något flytande.

Keep It Positive

Post date Mon 26 May 2014 10:38 AM
2FACED1 would like to promote the project "This is Sweden" by fashion designers Ana and Pablo Londono. Together they have created a multidisciplinary project (exhibition, collection, graphic novel and short film) that in multiple ways springs from anxiety concerning the current European situation, where xenophobic political parties are represented in approximately half of EU´s countries.


"By using colors that created tension when we grew up we want to reclaim the right to define ourselves and claim Sweden as our home. We get inspired by our childhood in Säter where refugees from all over the world mixed their cultural expressions with what they found at the flea market or the local recycling centre. At the same time, we celebrate the Nordic crafts and idiom that we were brought up with"

Pablo Londono

"This is Sweden" challenges conceptions of  "Swedish", and at the same time there is a universal transnational 2FACED1-twist, marinated in streotypophobia. The dutch illustrator Job Kind who participates in the project says:



"It might as well be called "This is the Netherlands" since we are suffering from the same epedemic over here."


The name is of course an homage to the film "This is England" (2006) and its reflection of what sociologist and cultural theorist Stuart Hall refers to as Thatcherism, and its representation of problems that we, in many ways, still are facing today.A day like today we urge you all to keep it positive. The path to fascism is surrounded by fear. Aggressiveness is another from of fear. The fascists from each country will have trouble co-operating on an EU-level, our communities ARE in themselves transnational, let's keep learning from each other and fight this fascism in what ever new form it comes in. Create options and keep it positive!


Zhala and Alex was of course there, and we talked a bit about 2007 and kicking "Swede Merch", yup we got a problem when it still is considered provocative to do so. But this is Sweden.


Post date Wed 16 Apr 2014 2:16 PM

Doesn't get much better than this: THE Robert Owens, all-time favorite house vocalist, Adam of Kindness (also directing the video) remix of Dev Haynes "Unkle". Thanks guys, for doing the music I would (try to) do if I did music. <3

2.34 aaaaaah

Ps. Talked about what some called "Normcore" I tried to un-connect the basic meaning from fashion and talk about the problem when something that is supposed to move away from fashion as focus, becomes seen upon as a "fashion-trend". Would do it clerarer today, short notice thingy... (Swedish: Epstein & Nordegren i P1 Lyssna här)

Out Of The Black - The Video

Post date Wed 19 Mar 2014 5:40 PM

Amazing to work with director 241-24-7 aka Dario Vigorito, after seeing his references the styling idea of raincoats felt - booom - just natural to me.

Like Conny did put it " This is the natural follow up to the Man Child video"

Gaurdian tweeted:"deadliest partnership since Dahlin and Brolin!"

MTV "The Two are a natural fit"

(Hihi:  DIY "There's probably a deep message behind this, but it's all about those windbreakers, if we're honest")



Post date Tue 11 Mar 2014 8:05 AM

- The only word that matters today above. I quote my excellent friend Nadia El-Imam "Solidarity and engaging ourselves and everyone we know in the work that needs to be done. This is back to basics grassroots, knocking on doors, getting strangers to talk and work together work".  How about doing that? I'm like halfblind, always in my own world when I get out of the door, I could be SO MUCH better. And I know each and one have their own private struggles to cope with at the same time but lets try to meet / see people today ok?

- Zhala "Prophet" EP out! Yes Zhala our fellow 2FACED1 is now Robyn's first artist on Konichiwa. Robyn couldn't resist, and I know why! Prophet EP is just a first little taste of what she can do. I can't wait for you guys to hear the rest is something special. And when I say it I mean it, I don't drop the word genius everyday but Zhala is a musical genius.

Below also the performance we created for Grammis. The idea of re-creating a classic video came from the production company, an idea fun for an established artist, but not exactly as easy for a new artist who's there to tell her own story for the first time. The pick "Smells Lile Teen Spirit" had something of a similar energy and we have friends from Zhalas old school and her auntie plus superhero drummer Astrid among many others. Did the best we could but it was hard balancing during the poor circumstances, some in the production team was in for "vid-eoke" rather then focusing on the uniqness of the artist. (Also check out Robyn in Am-Mainz, which is also what I'm wearing (see more on my Instagram))


- So no Grammis for us. To get Snoop to co-sign on a queer 2FACED1 video wasn't enough (yeah I hate to loose If I have to compete). They should know better. But i got a text from Neneh Cherry saying we would win, during the day. So we did, cause she's the boss. (And btw, still noone has encoded all the hidden messages of the video lol.)

- More things popping, new update soon. Remember: Solidarity.

2FACED1 galore, moi, producer Mira and Pernilla!