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"2FACED1 is a visionary digital network,  a loose collective with members in Europe, Africa and North America, bound together by what we call ‘stereotypophobia’."



“It is all about critical questioning of what identity really is. Would you be the same person in another context? Does society have certain expectations on you based on traditional parameters like class, gender, color, sexual orientation, religious beliefs and so on? And how much do these expectations affect your so-called self? Every forward thinking person are aware of those things, its a gift which  also make you relate to other peoples struggles.”

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2FACED1 is a state of mind, 2FACED1.com is a display-window for this mindset and the network of 2FACED1 includes all of you progressive non-stereotypes with a double perspective on identity .



Decida -  Founder, Creative Director, Director (Stockholm)
Oscar Stenberg - Web, Photography (Stockholm) 
Linn Marcusson - Writer, Style Assistant (Gypsie's Mega Trip) (Stockholm) 
Spoek Mathambo - (the Zombo Blog) (Johannesburg)
Mira Bajagic - Event / Production (London)
Pernilla Philip -  Design (Amsterdam)


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I Got A Pen Pal

Post date Sat 1 Dec 2012 9:37 AM

Via SexGenderBody

I-D Magazine -87

Via QueerAsFuck


"Last week I passed by this dead cat in the street. We had the same eyes. The same dead eyes. 

When i told that to this person/acquaintance/guy he ignored it and proceeded to tell me he had a cat

and wanted me to come over and that it would lay with me."  / A

What Would Valerie Solanas Do?

Post date Tue 6 Nov 2012 11:16 AM

Grace Jones / Living My Life / photo: Jean-Paul Goude

 Sandra Bernhard / Six Magazine -91

The Face -87

Inventorying myself. Looks like I'm an exact copy of the Swedish housing market. Everything's sold out and the only public stuff that is left must be privatized. 

Just Another Saturday

Post date Sat 20 Oct 2012 6:35 PM

Trina in Blaze Magazine via Dabaddestbitch

Via Cuntroversy

Kim Ann Foxmann by? via QueerAsFuck 

My toenails are blue as it was six years ago and I ran for hours every day in some kinda compulsive escape from something I didn't even know what it was. I guess I still got that compulsive escape syndrom. But nowadays there are no reasons for my toenails to be blue. Cause it’s just another Saturday with expectations. And I'm paralyzed in bed scared of the thought of having fun. Wish I smoked weed or believed in God or Love or something. Perhaps it would have made it easier. Now I’m just stuck with what used to be good in 2002.  


Post date Mon 8 Oct 2012 10:04 PM

Elina by Esther Tetris

Vanilla Ice 1992 / Cool As Ice

Via Arvida Byström

Goooooosh. Life's like a bad porn movie from -97 except that no one's even fucking. Everyone just act like stereotypical idiots. 

2FACED1 X Rodeo

Post date Sun 7 Oct 2012 12:04 PM

My Neck My Back (lick my pussy and my crack) / 2FACED1 X Rodeo photo: Erik Wåhlström

2FACED1 in latest issue of Rodeo (paper) Magazine, photo: Erik Wåhlström

Team France 2009 aka Naim Josefi and I @ 2FACED1 X Rodeo release party, photo: Kajsa Ekström & Mikaela Pal

I've finally got hold of a copy of latest Rodeo magazine after using the ones I got at the release party as megaphones to organize an after party. And I guess you already know, but if you somehow haven't got it; 2FACED1 run that shiet.

No More Nude Girls Pictures

Post date Tue 25 Sep 2012 12:32 PM

Marcus Schenkenberg by?

Baptiste Giabiconi by Karl Lagerfeödt

Mark Vanderloo by?

Press Release the 25th of September 2012:

No More Nude Girls Pictures

Gypsie's Mega Trip can now announce that ALL pictures of naked and stripped women are SOLD OUT and will be replaced by privileged white naked men.

For ages there's been an over-representation of pictures of naked women in media, commercials, music videos, (fashion)magazines and everywhere else. The quota of nude girls pictures has been overfilled for a long time, which now has led to what the experts have always predicted; The Quota Has Blown Up. The final death of all the pictures of naked and stripped women is hereby established. And in order to correct several years of unequal power relations in society, ALL privileged white heterosexual men in power positions will now resign and instead replace the pictures of naked women with nude images of themselves. So from now, the only ones that will and can be obejctified in this society are white, privileged men.

You Can’t Escape History

Post date Wed 12 Sep 2012 9:50 PM

Via Canaloptique

And they tell you time heals everything. But you can’t escape history. 

That’s why you can’t make it to history. 

Because that story is not history. 

It’s only his story.

A story about a history. That has never been yours. 

And that's your story. And I know that you want to puke. 

But the only thing that will come out is repressed memories. 

Emotions the rational version of yourself will never admit. 

Because you can’t rationalize. What has never been rational.

And you can’t escape history.

But you can write another story. 


Post date Mon 10 Sep 2012 4:46 PM

Johnny Depp by ?

Via Gothsandpunks

Kurt Cobain and Frances Bean, 1993 by?

I've started studying again. Diagnosis & identity, Creative Writing in English and Gender & Sexuality. My first assignment in the Creative Writing class was to come up with a large category and then narrow the category step by step, becoming more specific until I reached a single detailed image. But to let my brain spin free has never been such a good idea. This is what i handed in to my teacher yesterday:


Shit. Asshole. Strap-on's. Fuck. Eat. Kill. Doom Generation. Wasted youth. Wasted humanity. Collective suicide. Die bitch die. AK4 in my hand.

Happiness Based On Weather

Post date Wed 5 Sep 2012 8:26 PM

Via Alternativefashionthings

Via Squid-juice

Via Gothsandpunks

Autumn. Now you can finally stop pretending to be happy and sit at home and cry and masturbate for six months instead. Gotta love Sweden. Happiness based on weather - be depressed forever and then you die.

Mykki Blanco in STHLM

Post date Thu 30 Aug 2012 11:53 AM

Mykki Blanco by Terry Richardson

Mykki Blanco by Matthew Stone

Mykki Blanco by Matthew Stone

Ok enough with this emo shieeet Mykki Fucking Blanco is in town!!! (playing at Landet tonight / WHY didn't anyone said anything!!??) Anyways... Mikki Blanco (Michael David Quattlebaum Jr) is the multi mega everything talent (rapper, poet, performance artist) who's like all good things (style, riots and dirty talk) together. And I'm just saying; this 2FACED1 is gonna be my BFF, PIC (Partner in Crime), muse and everything! I got it all figured out. We're gonna steal tattoo machines, carve EAT FUCK KILL (as Amy's pin in Doom Generation) into each others skin and live (un)happily forever after together.