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2FACED1.com shows one persons two different faces in photos;

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This leads to a discussion about stereotypes and inner fears of getting misunderstood by the surroundings. Thoughts that every thinking modern day person does reflect upon. We're asking every day people from an innercity context where old categories as ethnicity, nationality, gender, sexuality and class are reassessed, why they choose to look like they do. We’re diggin' deep, peeling off garments, codes and attributes. We’re searching for transnational identities - is the conclusion that we choose whoever we want to be today?!



A 2FACED1 is highly aware of existing stereotypes related to your own ethnicity, color, nationality, gender, sexual orientation and class. You’re trying to avoid them but sometimes also play with them to make people think twice about who you are. Two faced doesn’t mean anything negative here, it explains the double folded view you have on identity if you’re not the existing norm. Self awareness is a gift, because it also helps you to understand other peoples situations better. To be a 2FACED1 is to have the feet in different worlds, be able to move between them but feel rather at home in that space in between. You've stepped out of your comfort zone and has become one of the new identities where ol' categories are mashed up and rootlessness and non-given identity just means major possibilities.

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2FACED1 is a state of mind, 2FACED1.com is a display-window for this mindset and the network of 2FACED1 includes all of you progressive non-stereotypes with a double perspective on identity .



Decida -  Editor, Founder, Creative Director (Stockholm)
Oscar Stenberg - Web, Photography (Stockholm) 
Linn Marcusson - Writer, Style Assistant (Gypsie's Mega Trip) (Stockholm) 
Spoek Mathambo - (the Zombo Blog) (Johannesburg)
Alex Dabo - ( the Do The Dabo Blog) (Stockholm) 
Mira Bajagic - Event / Production (London)
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Live From LDN

Post date Fri 18 Jun 2010 5:44 PM



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I've been in London for the last week, working with Robyn, helping out with styling and stage coaching. Since she released the album this Monday the week has been C R A Z Y, we've been doing promotion and at the same time filming parts for the new video! Later today Naomi (Itkes) will arrive to help out with more styling.

Yesterdays gig at HEAVEN was wonderful! You've heard the word STRESS - no real time for fitting or planning outfits, and the band and Rob hadn't even soundchecked properly. Add the fact that we lately had like 0 hours in the dance studio. We've done 10% of the choreographing/staging I plan to do so far.... I kept telling myself she's been performing since she was 16, but, yes, I was a little bit nervous! Totally in vain, Ms Thing just got out on that stage and totally killed it! To be continued...

Expressen gave her four strong getingar. See here (swedish)

MTV said Robyn "being the killingest pop star on the planet" seemed a bit modest. Read here

Robs got a leather/ fabric top by ACQA, a sports bra from Champion, shoes by FINSK (but in gray black white), tights by LOCAL FIRM, belt RELLIK, FAUX REAL chain, vintage silk shirt.

Photo: Idolator/Wire ImagesPhoto: Idolator/Wire Images


Before It Broke and After

Post date Thu 10 Jun 2010 11:24 AM

Behind The Scenes at Sommar Krysset, Robyn performing Dancing On My Own.

BTW: Per Sinding-Larsen  got an fresh interview up where Diplo talks about the Robyn collaborations, Major Lazer etc, see it here

Robyn: Dancing On My Own - Live

Post date Mon 7 Jun 2010 9:27 AM


Saturday on Grönan; What a day, ending with a VIP tour at the amusment park - I was in seventh heaven!!!! But before that we had some minor misshaps, the dress Robban is wearing actully broke during the dress rehearsal. I had to take a quick decision to remove the arms for the live-performance, it's at times like these you sweat....a lot! And oh! Robyn actually punches the microphone by misstake...that's the RocknRoll I wanted out of her!!! During the gap you hear the pre-recorded backing vocals, only an embarassingly unskilled journalist (Aftonbladet) will think that it means sing-back... 
I also did some last-minute styling for some interviews she happen to do during the day, Svenska Dagbladet among others - be on the look out! (Behind the scenes photos to come)

THIS WEEKEND was totally amazing, on Friday a real 90s party when SoBlue turned 10yrs, Vietnaam even played Blacknuss Allstars ft ADL "Daddy" - CLASSIC swedish rap from 95, even got airplay on the NYC radio! I usually don't like to listen to that much 90ies rap when I go out, but this time around it was pure nostalgia in a good way! Then yesterday, the Nike Football Tournament! More on that later!


Robyn in Soundvenue

Post date Sat 29 May 2010 11:40 AM

photo; Knotan

Lina called me some houers before I had to go to the airport to Italy and asked me to quick as hell pack a bag for ROBYN, for the Soundvenue shoot. I'm not sure I could call this styling really, no time to think; a men's shirt can do no wrong these days, MOSCHINO earrings, the underdress is truly incredible - we found it vintage, probby from the fifties, and it's quality is totally stupendous, stockings is OROBLU, then you have a modern TRIUMPH bustier with wonderfit, skirt is WHYRED and the ACNE tights, and then my campershirt you've seen before. 

SOUNDVENUE where you also can see pics from yesterdays SOUNDVENUE/OBJECT party

Other than that today;  easy riding, stylish like the late DENNIS HOPPER, rest in peace!

Nojesguiden - Robyn

Post date Wed 26 May 2010 9:33 AM

Photo: Johannes Helje, Styling: DecidaPhoto: Johannes Helje, Styling: Decida

" Läser du modebloggar?
–Nej, jag läser bara en blogg, www.2faced1.com."

(Do you read fashionblogs? No. I only read one blog; www.2faced1.com) Read whole interview here (Swedish)

Oui this was a fast one! Nöjesguiden called me after lunch on thursday and said they'd be shooting Robyn 11 am the day after, the Art Director already had an idea, wanting something oldschool victorian Queen-esque mixed up with club-kid Robyn. I was like; you mean Ghetto Baroque? You've come to the right person...! Linn came in on like 0 notice the same day and backed me up, folding paper and just being super organized, thank you! I'd it turned out pretty nice, maybe we've could have done with a little less photoshop editing but that's a matter of taste. (Check out the amazing Damir Doma jacket on the first photo, wear it kicker-esque + Philiph Van De Roq earrings on the cover!!

Notes From Back of the Stage

Post date Sat 22 May 2010 11:04 PM

Robyn in the Philip Van De Roq piece, ripped pic from Antons FB (in the hat)Robyn in the Philip Van De Roq piece, ripped pic from Antons FB (in the hat)

So it is finally here, the video we worked intensivly on for a way shorter time than you think because of facts we couldnt handle any other way. The actual filming took place at Filmhuset in Stockholm Sunday the 9 th of May, we started around 07 in the morning and went on until 02.30... had my peple with me; you see my lil' bro Dennis as the MF'in HUNK of the Vid haha! Then we have curlygirl Nicole, fashionable Bianca, ferocious Bambam and Martha getting down the way only Martha can. We have super hot xstras as Selam Skogsdjur, partystarter Anton and Zhala la Diva. Add a mass of extremly goodlooking stylish swedes - and then I'm not talking about so called Blog Fashionistas, Im talking about real deal style like that kid in a snot green 90 ies KENZO JEANS jacket or the dude with metal pinky ring/finger nail or Arashs waist long hair a la Rick Owens steelo! Of course there's always some that is a little bit too hungry for that air but over all; SWEDEN IS LOOKING HELLA FINE - I'M PROUD!!!

It was a long day, for all of us. Director Max Vitali raved (with help from me and Gorjan!) a long with the crowd until the end, and I was coaching and dancing behind the camera boosting over energy to Ms Thang the whole day. Then Ali, Naomi and Linda making ROBYN look gorgeous and of course the whole big filmteam! We had nice company from Interscope too, MsMama Nicole - headboss over the video section at Interscope whas with us, I think she had a good time and on top of that she learned the whole choreography!

I started working with this piece in my old girl room at my parents house, it was the BEST possible place to be, cause I got the memories back from being that youngsta experiencing the lyrics in that song in one of these school dances... We've all been there. I got so deep into it I had tears in my eyes for a moment!!!The whole idea of choreographing Robyn, I would nearly prefer to write "making Robyn move" or "expression in motion", it's about making it simple, using moves everybody can do, focus on energy and expression NOT complex choreography. The last thing I ever will do with her is something USHER- or BEYONCE-esque... We wanted the pissed off, aggressive (Rosie P) feeling of being dismissed alternated with the heartbreaking sadness you can't escape from. As I wrote earlier, I miss the melancholic "Pet Shop Boys"-type-of-bridge from the original track, cause I think it adds an dimension to the song, but then the video turned out really dramaturgical this way. I really enjoy doing this, comming from the world of a freestyle dancer trying to make everything as difficult as possible for so many years, it's truly liberating. And of course I couldn't miss the chance to get ROBYN to do the classic "make out wih myself-dance" with a title like that! As Dj ROKK said the other day, these clubscenes is some of the best in quite a bit - cause you really feel Robyn, she knows how to do that to you - don't she, and all the contrarious feelings on the floor. I hope you enjoy this video!

Robyn Dancing On My Own Video

Post date Fri 21 May 2010 8:12 PM

it's herre!

The bridge from the original version is removed here so the main part of my choreography is not included, but I'll promise you Robyn will dance on stage during the tour! I gotta run (like I haven't enough on the soccer field today) to dinner with Ms Thing herself, Lojsan, Röyksopp, Dj Rokk and others! More on this video later...!

****STOP* Robyn Behind The Scenes Dancing On Own *STOP****

Post date Thu 20 May 2010 5:26 PM

***PAUSE IN THE MENSWEAR WEEEK (menopause?!) ***

BEHIND THE SCENES by Teddy Goitom and Senay Berhe


Spot director Max Vitali hyping people up, Ali Pirzideh on hair, Naomi Itkes on styling, Philiph Van De Roq in Robyns ear/on chest, my bro Dennis doing Menace (like the ladies man he is) and yours trillytruly all bizz-ed with the choreography. More 2FACED1s will appear in the actual video - stay tuned!

Fembot @ SKAVLAN and None Of Dem

Post date Sat 17 Apr 2010 4:07 PM

See the whole SKAVLAN show here

Then we have None Of Em, via Robyn.com (where U also can make your own video to the song)
Me and Robyn have been talking about this issue pretty much this wnter/spring... keeping the high standard up in a small country, BUT it can happen where ever you are  in the same spot to long and forget aout the bigger picture, broader perspective... but it usually has to do with fighting your inner demons, and less with other people doing uninspiering things...




Post date Fri 16 Apr 2010 7:20 PM

Notice Blue Nail CoatNotice Blue Nail Coat

ROBYN @ Skavlan tonight  9 PM!
She'll perform FEMBOT and hang out with Mr. John Cleese!
We've been working on her performance and I'm so curious about how it will turn out! Girl have been on stage since she was a teenager so I bet it's as great as always, but still, some things are new for her! Skavlan is recorded one day in advance, so I already know she did good, but haven't seen it yet!!!

What U don't see in this pic is that she got on dotted light gray stockings and ACNE shoes with silver platform. You've seen these pairs just about everywhere but we had some problem before she decided what shoes to use - she had to be able to dance in them, so we finally went for an ol' comfortable pair. Mixed silver and gold, classic indian bracelets from Zanzlöza Zmycken, the jacket is vintage, shirt is ACNE aw 10, body WOLFORD I think, can't remeber where the bikershorts are from though.