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2FACED1.com shows one persons two different faces in photos;

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This leads to a discussion about stereotypes and inner fears of getting misunderstood by the surroundings. Thoughts that every thinking modern day person does reflect upon. We're asking every day people from an innercity context where old categories as ethnicity, nationality, gender, sexuality and class are reassessed, why they choose to look like they do. We’re diggin' deep, peeling off garments, codes and attributes. We’re searching for transnational identities - is the conclusion that we choose whoever we want to be today?!



A 2FACED1 is highly aware of existing stereotypes related to your own ethnicity, color, nationality, gender, sexual orientation and class. You’re trying to avoid them but sometimes also play with them to make people think twice about who you are. Two faced doesn’t mean anything negative here, it explains the double folded view you have on identity if you’re not the existing norm. Self awareness is a gift, because it also helps you to understand other peoples situations better. To be a 2FACED1 is to have the feet in different worlds, be able to move between them but feel rather at home in that space in between. You've stepped out of your comfort zone and has become one of the new identities where ol' categories are mashed up and rootlessness and non-given identity just means major possibilities.

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2FACED1 is a state of mind, 2FACED1.com is a display-window for this mindset and the network of 2FACED1 includes all of you progressive non-stereotypes with a double perspective on identity .



Decida -  Editor, Founder, Creative Director (Stockholm)
Oscar Stenberg - Web, Photography (Stockholm) 
Linn Marcusson - Writer, Style Assistant (Gypsie's Mega Trip) (Stockholm) 
Spoek Mathambo - (the Zombo Blog) (Johannesburg)
Alex Dabo - ( the Do The Dabo Blog) (Stockholm) 
Mira Bajagic - Event / Production (London)
Pernilla Philip -  Design (Amsterdam)


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Behind the Scenes: Robyn @ Ellen's

Post date Fri 28 Oct 2011 5:56 AM

" Look, we get it. Having moves like Mick Jagger is a very desirable and coveted quality. But we’re betting moves like Robyn will surely become just as desirable after everyone gets a load of her performance on The Ellen Show." Celebrety Down-Low

Yes, CDL know what's up!

The Ellen Show Robyn was invited to was recorded this Wednesday, we went there after a morning session in the same dancestudio where we created the choreo for CYGF. After seeing the crazy Nicki Minaj kid on Ellen the other week Robyn just had to do the backroll onto humping the floor on one take in national TV - soon to be on international youtube! (förrexten: bakåtkullerbytta är inte samma sak som volt, Aftonbladet, precis som att att stutsa baklänges i platforms inte är samma sak som att göra Moonwalk, DN...). and I think Ellen was pleased for that, it's hilariously funny in my book! She chatted with Robyn just after our sound check behind that wellnown blue wall of TVs.

One should always give it up for Ellen who manage to have a huge talk show on American Television that is superfunny but still feature people like political commentator RACHEL MADDOW (and of course acts like Robyn!)

STYLE OF THE DAY: The hoodie (Jeremy Scott O by O) was originally added as a part of the choreo, it changed a bit but we still kept the hoodie, I mean WTF why go less when you can go more + the angel style with the cloudy leggings would disappear hehe. Well I can go on about all small references we love to play with (as I said earlier, the reason why she does "The Electric Slide", usual dance on weddings etc, is because she so confident she'll get the guy) but me myself doing that is kind of un-subtil and priggish...(I admit I sometimes tend to sound like that...). Wait just one more: the belt she's wearing is a collabo between me and designer Karl Gran. I came up with the idea of the CK belt (why is up to you tp solve) last year but we didn't manage to put it in action until now, and here it finally is! (Shirt is ACNE ss12 btw)

This is the first version of the belt, the new one is more nylon, less leather

Backstage STEVE HARVEY's crew of men in silver grey slightly oversized suits were laughing so hard we had to take a pause in the dressing/make up and run out to see what was popping, see it here!

Scroll down for the post with the ace actual performance!

Robyn @ Ellen Performing Call Your Girlfriend

Post date Sat 22 Oct 2011 6:44 PM

I'ma tell you more ASAP. I'm in Seattle now, preparing for the upcoming show tonight, will update later!

Modesty Ain't My Cup of Tea For the Night!!!

Post date Mon 29 Aug 2011 7:36 PM

Gif via Robyn gifs

Not like it won but hell yeeeeeeees I'm regressing into the 10 year old me and embracing this to the fullest...exactly how many hours of my life did I spend in front of MTV as a kid... Modesty ain't my cup of tea for the night!!! Fuckin Stoked!!!

From MTV.com:  "this year's Video of the Year category might best be remembered for the clips that didn't make the cut:

Robyn, "Call Your Girlfriend"
Part of Robyn's endearing charm lies in the fact that she's never afraid to go it alone. And in "Call Your Girlfriend," she does just that. It's just her, dancing in a warehouse, while lights dazzle and the song soars. Of course, the video is oddly sad too (mostly because she's all by her lonesome, singing for a love she cannot have), which goes to yet another part of that aforementioned charm: Even her most sugary bonbons come with a bittersweet filling."

This one take video would never had been if it wasn't for the brave and incredible woman called Robyn and an extra ordinary Mr Max Vitali. (I did the choreography).

The Daily Update For the 2FACED1: RBS & KLS

Post date Sun 21 Aug 2011 11:49 AM

Robyn in Acne Shirt and stone and shell bangles w. Ms Kelis 2010

READ THIS "There is a context to the London riots"

Swedes: Tv-version of Basquiat The Radiant Child od up on SVT PLAY nu! Original 2FACED1 - genius sooo before his time. (Finns en om Vivienne Westwood där också!)

And I'm looking forward to the 2FACED1 meeting tomorrow with Oscar, Robin and Younus!

Robyn & Rye Rye at Jay Leno

Post date Sat 6 Aug 2011 4:06 PM

See the performance HERE.

Head over to AP to see more pictures. Robyn in Jeremy Scott/Adidas O by O customized kicks (actually I got another pair of em in size 39, just with a slightly lower platform that I'm thinking of selling...see about that), an old Boy Ldn shirt, The Decida Style/Philip Van The Roq Belt and the Gaucho hat someone might remember from Robyn's performance with Stay Gold and Spank Rock Naeem (here).

I'm sorry for being passive over here but I can tell you we're working on a 2FACED1.com 2.0 that will become so much better than the current part!

I'm degraded into a teenager lately...This RnB song by Sterling Simms (that I got from Marcus - thank you!) is so up my alley, including a great Black Street Stevie's Love's In Need of Love sample. The teenager vibe could also be feelt in my current hair do that I've sported back when I was 14 the last time...

Go Down Low

Post date Fri 8 Jul 2011 3:08 PM


Post date Mon 4 Jul 2011 6:25 PM

GLASTONBURY last Sunday was hotter than July! Thank god for that, I wasn't about wellies... But hell it was muddy, we were just there over the day and I'm kind of happy for that - even though my mum is daughter of an old school farmer!

Robyn got nubuck top from WACKERHAUS and some really ace earrings you don't need to have any holes for, by GEORG JENSEN

Some english ladies gonna get BURNT


Just before i burst out into KRUMPING...!

Guess who came visiting Robyn's backstage, no other than the legendary NENEH CHERRY!!! The giddieness of the 2FACED1s was beyond beyond!!! You, know she's one of the original Swedish 2FACED1s ( Essentials) , I know I wouldn't be the one I am without her and I'm pretty sure Robyn says the same. Lady is nowadays 47, F O R T Y S E V E N and a grandmother, wawawiwa!!!!!!!

Behind The Take - Call Your Girlfriend

Post date Mon 27 Jun 2011 12:06 PM

GIF via This Is Apalling!

If you can't watch it above here is a link to VEVO

VHI Morning with Robyn

Post date Sat 25 Jun 2011 12:55 PM

Robyn about the CYGF video (2.00 ->) among other things! You also get to know what part of Robyn's body talks on each records...! I'm off to Glastonbury now! 

Source: Robynbodytalkin.com