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“It is all about critical questioning of what identity really is. Would you be the same person in another context? Does society have certain expectations on you based on traditional parameters like class, gender, color, sexual orientation, religious beliefs and so on? And how much do these expectations affect your so-called self? Every forward thinking person are aware of those things, its a gift which  also make you relate to other peoples struggles.”

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2FACED1 is a state of mind, 2FACED1.com is a display-window for this mindset and the network of 2FACED1 includes all of you progressive non-stereotypes with a double perspective on identity .



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Linn Marcusson - Writer, Style Assistant (Gypsie's Mega Trip) (Stockholm) 
Spoek Mathambo - (the Zombo Blog) (Johannesburg)
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ALL STAR PARS!! Ghostface Killah: Top 10 Softest Rappers In The Game

Post date Wed 18 May 2011 12:53 AM

This is the kind of slanderous stuff that has been tickling me of late. SpK.

I turned 26 on Saturdaaaaaaaaay! Was the happiest birthday with Gnucci Fontana at the zoo. 

Did Ghostface write this? No, he denies it on his twitter, I wish he was this funny and did write it. 

10. Kid Cudi

Ayo Cudi aka Kid Cuddli at the bottom of the list right here. Ayo no offense cos the god actually dont hate this nigga or nothin…but the nigga joints is softer than cotton panties son. It aint even like the nigga wack tho. He jus soft. The nigga do be evenin his shit out from time to time tho…so he get that coveted #10 spot for that shit namsayin. The nigga did serve a nigga in the crowd at his show wit the 1 piece combo so Imma give him that credit where its due n shit namsayin. Even tho that shit probably aint leave a mark on that nigga. That shit mussa took the nigga some heart at least nahmean.

9. Big Sean

Ayo n then we got this nigga Big Sean namsayin. Ayo once again it aint like the god feel like he need to smack this nigga or nothin but the nigga whole aura jus moist son. The nigga look like a victim n shit. This niggas more Sean than Big if yall hear what a nigga sayin here. Word to Puff son. Ayo the nigga be spittin ey now n then n he gotta a couple gems n shit but that super duper shit was played the fuck out 5 minutes after this nigga birthed it g. Ayo thanks for that shit nigga.

8. Mickey Factz

Ayo this nigga Mickey at the bottom half of the list too cos the nigga actually got a couple hard joints n shit (pause). But the nigga also got a lotta wack techno nigga joints n shit that the god be disapprovin namsayin. N also for the fact that the nigga was weepin in a corner while Rae n his niggas was runnin up on Joey Buddens when that shit popped off at Rock The Bells n shit. Ayo the nigga should be ashamed of hisself son. But he aint the worst or nothin like that.

7. Asher Roth

Ayo this snow nigga Asher gets points for stayin true to his own crackerjack self n shit. But he still a marshmallow ass muthafucka. Ayo its like this nigga made out of baby powder namsayin. This nigga is human baby powder in the flesh son. If you aint under the age of 22 n dont have no vagina you basically aint got no excuses to be listenin to this dudes music. Bumpin this niggas shit in the whip wit ya windows down is broad repellant my nig. Even if a broad might like this dudes music they still aint gon find that shit attractive fam. Broads also like nylons n thongs n shit but they aint wanna see niggas rockin those nahmean. This dudes music is like thongs son….you might appreciate that shit when a broad rockin em but you dont wanna put the shit on yaself b.

6. Charles Hamilton

Ayo this nigga played hisself tryin to battle niggas in they barber shops n for pretendin he was feelin Dillas ghost inside hisself n shit. The niggas takin mad fuckin Ls left right n center son but…ya know how they be sayin a picture speaks a thousand words n shit….

5. Wale

Ayo this nigga scared of females n probably cries when he fucks. Straight up.


4. Wiz Khalifa

Ayo 1…this nigga whole style is straight baby thighs son. Straight up. He might got some songs that yall might enjoy n shit but he a straight glitter blooded nigga wit a bullshit ass rhyme book when it come down to it nahmean. The nigga got yall fooled tho so I aint gon step on the nigga toes too much n shit but if you got male genitalia n shit n you listen to this nigga music you a vic nahmean. This nigga done flashed his wand on you. Or you mighta caught a contact off that fairy dust the niggas smokin.

3. Drake

Ayo what more you gon say bout this nigga?

2. Wheelchair Jimmy

The nigga makes lambs look dangerous.

1. Drake

Ayo thats right the 3 ply softness nigga took up all the top spots nahmean. I aint even got to tell you how the god be feelin bout this nigga. But I wish the nigga success n long as he stay out a nigga way he aint gon get thrown thru no brick walls or nothin like that. Hopefully the nigga stop droppin vagina bombs on niggas n start rappin like a dude tho nahmean.
Aight peace.



Post date Thu 12 May 2011 11:16 PM
SOON COME !!! More pics from video shoot in Spain for Gnucci Banana - Famalam Jam. Right now we just have to settle with these phone pics but Edwin was paparrazzin around taking photos that I hope I can share asap cause come on, look how good Decida and Gypsie made us look....
My summer look is DON DA DA DA DA DADA! Suited up and all.


Post date Tue 29 Mar 2011 9:03 PM

So this is my new wig, it has a name; Ghetto Red Hot but to be true to my balkan roots we call it Ajvar Red Hot. HAWT HUH?!

Ps. The tights I wear are made by everybodys fav gypsie, Linn Marcusson and honestly, since she made them for me, I haven't worn anything else on stage, and won't until she makes me another pair. LINN och NOTHING I say!





Post date Sat 26 Mar 2011 1:08 AM

To all maj swidish pipl, come see bout me bout me and NGUZUNGUZU, Femtastic Crew, Jesaja, Kristian Anshelm, Besh One and more at Club Cirkus, Inkonst, Malmö tomorrow. It's gonna be sick ! I will be introducing the beginning of something beautiful; MY OWN GODDAMN GRRL CREW. 

I woke at 21.00 today after not sleeping for 35h, pulling off an exam and tons of unanswered emails, and now I am up trying some DIY visuals. My theme for tomorrow is "dancehall-red", cause my wig has that color. I HAVE A WIG, I am extatic. It smells acrylic and is most probably flamable from a meters distance but I HAVE A WIG and a sick DJ.



Post date Fri 25 Mar 2011 6:14 AM

I am having a Gwen Stefani moment. Gwen is one of my favorite grrrls. I am a 90's kid, grew up on TV-sitcoms and Spice Girls. Hearing No Doubt's I'm Just A Girl was my feminist anthem, didn't brand it feminist anthem but I remember wearing a cut of t-shirt showing of my belly not giving a fuck days after seeing the video. She did alot for me and my self esteem, I owe her alot. I hope the lil'grrrls of today find their Gwens cause I can seriously remember feeling GOOD and cool knowing I was listening to Gwen Stefani, I never said No Doubt, just Gwen Stefani. You can tell that girl just doesn't give a fuck, the chola thing, the harajuku girl thing, the reggae thing, on Neptunes beats, belly tops, the pony tails and pink hair and no limits. Plus her videos are sick!



Listen to this sick beat made by BBQ sampling a bit of Gwen Stefanis's - Crash called "Driving Fast"




Post date Mon 21 Mar 2011 9:14 PM

I've been in London shooting a video with Looptroop Rockers and hanging out with my lovely people. Video went well and I had the best time. I caught a disease during my visit so I am pissed off, cranky and feeling sorry for myself so I don't really feel like talking about myself. This is Fatima, who I stayed at tho

Spoek has been killing it at SXSW and you can see a bit of it here:


There is a long and really fun story behind this new song of his called 'The Promise'. The little I feel like sharing right now is that he and CHLLNGR made the beat in the tour van during their recent US-tour and the result is what you can hear. I think it's genius !


When I was in London, my Queen Fatima put me on something amazing; the smang. I am obsessed with this song, first I really think the beat is great, when the synth kicks in my belly flips second IT'S SO FUCKING GOOD!!! Anyways ... it's as close to a blessing I'll get this week.




Post date Wed 9 Mar 2011 6:40 PM

I see over at Decida that her beautiful mug is over at V Magazine. Read it AGAIN ! Whoop whoop...

Me and Spoek Mathambo are trying to get in your face as well. I did an interview for Scandiniavias biggest hiphop magazine Kingsize and Spoek is the cover beau for Cuss. This is the first time i'm featured in a magazine that has a glossy cover (makes a difference, yes) Aaaand the the 2faced.1 represents doesn't stop there, there is also a likkle something about Decida's great work with WeSC. But to explain Cuss it's

"...a downloadable lookbook that offers customers a monthly dose of designer vintage clothing. Cuss is designed like any other contemporary fashion magazine, the only difference being that all the featured clothing is available for order via email and delivery via post. Customers can expect a continuous source of commercial designer labels such as Moschino, Sportmax, D&G as well as more obscure fashion labels like Bodyart, Camomillo and Eve"

It's founder and creative director Jamal Nxedlana is an amazing stylist and can also be seen as Spoek's sidekick in 'Don't mean to be rude' video. Cuss has got two lookbooks online that I think you should check out and Spoek is looking guuuud on the cover of the second lookbook release. Check out the lookbook by clicking the Spoek face.


Also, I can't help to wonder, why are we always pulling these damn faces on photos, Spoek are we in denial? 



Post date Mon 7 Mar 2011 11:31 PM

OG BFF's Debi Mazar and Madonna.

80's Madonna, the greatest. 80's Debi Mazar, amazing. Madonna &! Debi Mazar DREAM TEAM!!!



Debi is in a couple of Madonnas videos but my favorites are 'True Blue' and 'Papa Don't Preach'. Note how Debi is wearing the same top but different colors in the two video, ehm is that interesting? 




Post date Fri 4 Mar 2011 6:55 PM


WHOA! Big day, celebrate that!

I did my TV-debut a couple of hours ago, took a much needed power nap until now and see that we cracked the  PIGGY BANK open. Me and Spoek feature on a Sampology production and honestly, we be killin it!

Sampology did a sick beat, the remixes are really good and I think we all killed it on this one. The song is all about ballin on a budget. That everyday flare. That common luxury. That refill, that extra sauce that halloumi IN your falafel. You know?! I've mastered the minimum wage so I know a lil something about living on a budget. BUT I know 2011 is the year of Gekko, Spoek is getting greedy as fuck. He needs a new tooth and we need those coins. My favorite part of the song is when he sums it up to "Halloumi in my falafel, new shoes for my mom and em', JAG TJÄNAR PENGAR" and the shout out of the month; TJENA SKÅNE. Who knew we would have a Ndebele prince, God of Sound shouting out Skåne?! (Skåne is a swedish county) If that doesn't give him the swedish visa I don't know what will.





Well Spoek is on a worldwde mission to make those monies but I know he can't even afford cough mixture so if you happen to catch him at any of these dates, bring sizzurp. He's gonna be touring with Steve Borth aka CHLLNGR and I know they are gonna be amazing, Steve is the nicest guy I've met and will be the nicest guy you ever meet as well. Do yourself a favor and catch them here and there:



5.mar        REC BEAT FESTIVAL - Recife, Brazi


8.mar        THE MIGHTY - San Francisco, CA
10.mar        NECTAR LOUNGE - Seattle, WA 
11.mar        BRANX - Portland, OR
12.mar        THE REEF - Boise, ID
13.mar        URBAN LOUNGE - Salt Lake City, UT
14.mar        BELLY UP - Aspen, CO
15-19.mar  SXSW - Austin, TX
22.mar        LOWBROW PALACE - El Paso, TX
24.mar        CLUB CONGRESS - Tucson, AZ
25.mar        ECHOPLEX - Los Angeles, CA
26.mar        SODA BAR - San Diego, CA



Post date Fri 4 Mar 2011 11:43 AM

I got up at 3.00 am this morning which made me regret being born BUT the reason was to be on TV with Looptroop Rockers which is HUGE! I still can't believe I've collaborated with Looptroop and get invited to do gigs with them. It's unbelievable but I got video on it so you best BUUUUHLEAVE I do !

We hung out at TV4 the whole morning, 7h to be exact and they did two songs from their album "Professional Dreamers" (release 9th march). I feature on the song "Do" which will be released as the 2nd single and it's a baaanger. Fun fact that you only get exclusively on Zombo Report is that I actually missed one line. Not that you notice it but still, I got like what 4 bars to repeat and I lost one? Nervs get the best of you AND a line. Still, this shit is huuuuge. I did my TV-debut with Loop fucking troop Rockers. My 16 year old self is choking out of excitement and my 23 year old self is being professional minus a line ... watch:







Ps. Alla swedish pipöl in Stockholm kom here tonite: